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Explainer video company in Calicut and brand storytellers with an eye to detail.

We break down complicated and boring ideas, extract the juice and convert it into short, simple and beautiful explainer videos that will attract, educate and convert the audience into your customers.

Explainer Video & Animated Video for Businesses

Because an explainer video is great - but the real impact is better. Sometimes the creative process can seem a little complicated. But we have made our animated video production process to be organized, efficient, and enjoyable – without sacrificing a bit of quality. And it is collaborative – we combine our own unique ideas with our clients’ opinions every step of the way.

Step 1: Story Awakening

We will try every possible way to get a deep understanding of your company’s core values. We will let you start with our story roadmap and schedule a story awakening conversation with you. Then, we will sink ourselves in your public media, your internal assets, sales decks, etc. anything we can do to help us become your brand experts.

Step 2: Brand Messaging

After acquiring a deep understanding of you, we turn it into a creative, engaging script that hits your target audience precisely. We have the knack and experience to tell stories that work, but we tailor our writing to your brand’s unique vision and voice.

Step 3: Visual Concepts

After developing the brand message, we will develop storyboards and style frames, based on your brand’s unique style and tone. We take time to build up your video’s sketch to ensure that we design the perfect images to match your message. This is where a lot of production companies cut corners, but it’s so important to us that your video is perfect! We’re committed to quality. We want our clients to have their opinions in the creative process from beginning to end.

Step 4: Motion Design And Vocal Talent

We conduct auditions for your script and help you choose the voice that gives authenticity to your brand.
After everything is perfect, we bring your video to life. This is the most important part. Thousands of broken pieces should be reassembled into moving parts. We work hard to design, frame by frame so that you get detailed, top-notch motion graphics that set you apart. We are an explainer video company in India that promises that you get enthused and contented.

Step 5: Sound Design

After you get the video you expected, we will make it even better. We will design custom sound effects and a professional music track. This is optional, but it completes your video and drives the messaging forward. Really great video producers don’t compromise on quality, and it’s the little touches like these that make your video awesome.

Step 6: Final Watch Party

Evaluating the Quality, Perfection.

Step 7: Final Delivery

Once the sound design is complete, your brand new explainer video is completely ready!.

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