Internships: the Bridge from College Classroom to Workplace Success

Have you been told internships are merely an opportunity to work really hard for little or no pay? Don’t believe it. Would you enjoy an experience of learning new and always changing responsibilities? We believe an internship will offer all this and so much more.

There are transitions in life,

that offer nothing more than a shove into the deep end of the larger pool you now find yourself swimming in. The jump from high school to college can feel like this. After all, on the one end, you had parents who helped to make sure all was well. Meals, laundry, schedule? Check, check and check.

Suddenly you find yourself in college. Most likely you’re on a meal plan. But no one is telling you when you should go eat. Perhaps your dirty laundry can last until the next time you go home for a weekend. Will it last before people let you know they have seen you in that shirt three times this week?

Shab Solutions will help for this transition. Yet, hard as it is to believe, a larger transition looms. It is the transition from college classroom to workplace office. Before you fret, enter the internship.

Skills Benefits of an Internship

There are many advantages you will find from your time spent in an internship. Here are a few.

You will accumulate evidence of abilities. Sure, your grades are good. Your parents are proud. But good grades alone won’t keep you from living with your parents after you graduate. The opportunity to apply all that classroom knowledge is a huge benefit. The facts learned in books are cemented through the experience of an internship. Plus, there will be many soft skills gained.

Joining a company will offer you the opportunity to practice good communication skills. This includes good teamwork skills. Sure, you may have been forced into a few group projects in the classroom. But, for the most part, your grades depended solely on the effort you put in. But companies often have many departments all working towards one common goal. Your ability to work together is important.

Not sure where to begin?

No need to worry, we’ll help you make sense of it all.

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